Over 40 years Nagyszénás Library has welcomed children, parents, friends, teachers, teenagers and adults whether they are readers or visitors of programmes. Over the long decades our Library has provided the peace and calm for self-improvement, functioned as the place where compulsory literature and materials for research can be found. Last but not least, many colloquy have taken place here.

The foundation of the Czabán Samu Community Centre showed the dynamism of the village’s cultural development in 1972. The Centre also became the home of the reference library’s adult section which had been stored in one building (Hôsök street) so far. The 80’s brought persistent changes in the Library’s life as it was moved to a new place. Nagyszénás Communal Library opened its gates in Szabadság street on 11st April 1985.

The ’out of order’ school building with two rooms and the teacher’s flat, which were built in the beginning of the 20th century, were transformed to a library. The local council expended 1.200.000, -Ft on the makeover from its own budget. The facilities and heating modernization were supported by the Békés County Council with 200.000 Ft. So, the library became 166 m2. The plans of the makeover and the installation were made by the staff of the Békés County Library, having saved the gallery from the old county library’s building. The Children’s Library also moved into one of the community centre’s club rooms.

Current library status:

 Children’s Library moved from the community centre’s bigger club room to a smaller one. In the cluttered library it is almost impossible to have sessions with a little bigger groups (15-20 children). We have these programmes either in one of the community centre’s rooms or in the adult library a bit far from the children’s library and its holdings. The renovatoin of the adult library was finished in December 2010 and after having moved back, after a six-month closure, the library opened its gates to the readers and visitors again in January 2011.


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